Major change to EUMETSAT data access

EUMETSAT operates the METEOSAT geostationary satellite system which provides images of the full Earth disc, and data for weather forecasts. Until now its data licensing policy was extremely complicated and prohibitively expensive for many users.

However, it has just announced a major change to its Data Access Policy which will come into effect from next year. All Hourly Meteosat Data, Derived Products and Advanced Image products will be available to all users worldwide on a free and unrestricted basis. This effectively declares them to be ‘Essential’ data in accordance with WMO Resolution 40.

The full wording of the Resolution can be found here. Read sections 4 and 10.

Meteosat data is of unique value to nowcasting of high impact weather in support of safety of life and property.

It has been shown to improve weather forecasts and severe weather warnings which, in turn helps limit damage to property and benefits industry e.g. transport, agriculture and energy.

This is a major step forward in the ‘Global Weather Enterprise’ – which PRIMET enthusiastically supports.