PRIMET @ EMS2019 – Report

  • PRIMET played a leading role at the 2019 European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting in Copenhagen.
  • Working with ECOMET, we co-convened a keynote session on the Global Weather Enterprise with a speaker from the WMO, followed by a variety of current examples of Public-Private  partnership.
  • We established a PRIMET booth at the EMS2019 Exhibition and met some PRIMET Members and many other interesting people from the meteorological community.
  • We held the PRIMET 2019 AGM and discussed many topics of importance to Members.
  • We held a meeting with the ECOMET Executive and the representives of its Member States.
  • PRIMET delivered a strong message about further changes that are needed to improve the Public-Private partnership in meteorology, especially in the availability of data and fair competition. Our discussion paper can be viewed here.


EMS2019: SESSION ES1.1 “Bringing benefits to society” THE GLOBAL WEATHER ENTERPRISE

Dimitar Ivanov (WMO) Public-Private Engagement in meteorological products and services.
Dennis Schulze (Meteogroup) MeteoGroup’s measurement network and collaboration with MeteoSwiss.









James Block (DTN) UN Project Climate Smart – A Global Agricultural Weather Program.
Jorg Christiansen (MET Norway) Integrating private sector observations.










Karl Gutbrod and Dennis Schulze meeting with Dimitar Ivanov (WMO).
Andreas Nyholm (TV2 Denmark) meeting Dennis Schulze and Karl Gutbrod.









Jonas Lauer (Meteomatics) meeting Andrew Eccleston and Karl Gutbrod.
Paulino Marié, Michael Delatte, Gerald Bibot (Great Circle) meeting with Karl Gutbrod.