WMO approves new strategic plan and Public-Private engagement is key element

“Geneva, 3 July 2018 – A new Strategic Plan to guide the future direction of the World Meteorological Organization has been approved by its Executive Council, aiming at a more integrated Earth system approach to meet the inter-connected challenges of the 21st century.”

“It agreed a framework for public-private engagement in the Global Weather Enterprise to ensure that WMO remains fit-for-purpose in face of the growing role of the private sector, technological advances, big data, crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence.

“Trends like “big data”, “crowd sourcing” and “open system”, the appearance of commercial observing networks, data and service providers, the affordability of digital technology, the introduction of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing to rapidly extract useful information from “big data” all are game changers,” it said.

The public-private engagement policy with its “People First” principle will be closely coordinated with efforts to forge new partnerships with development finance institutions to help close the capacity gap between developed and developing countries. Helping developing countries through a new multi-sector and service-oriented development philosophy will bring sustainable solutions for providing essential weather, climate and hydrological information to vulnerable communities.”

Read the full press release here.