PRIMET Market Research

In 2022 PRIMET commissioned an independent Market Research Project to analyse the differences between the market for meteorological services provided by public national hydro-meteorological services (NHMS) and private weather services in 19 selected European Countries in the years 2010 – 2020.

Each country was categorised by the degree of government monopoly imposed on the local market for weather services. Some counties erect barriers to private sector participation whereas others adopt a more open approach. 

‘Open Data’ is becoming more widespread across Europe and the PRIMET Research demonstrates that this provides increased economic benefit for the community as a whole.

Some key findings from the research : 

  • The NHMS job decline 2010-2020 was compensated by increased employment in private sector weather services.

  • Open markets spend more on weather services per capita.

  • Open data creates profits and jobs.


The full 133-page report is available exclusively to PRIMET Members and the Management Summary is available here.

The findings of the report were presented at EMS2022 and the full presentation is available here.